"You belong to civilization! And don't you forget it! I don't want Hitler in heaven. The can just forget about it!"--the words and wisdom of a homeless woman, Santa Monica, California, 2007 

NEWS: On September 27, 2014, I spoke on the single-bullet theory at a conference in Bethesda, Maryland timed to correspond to the 50th anniversary of the Warren Report. The list of speakers included Oswald's friend Buell Wesley Frazier, participants in official investigations such as Dr. Cyril Wecht, Prof. Robert Blakey, and Robert Groden, and journalists and authors such as Russ Baker, Jefferson Morley, and Anthony Summers. The conference was presented by the Assassination Archives and Research Center. Anti-Castro Cuban Antonio Veciana finally confirmed that his CIA handler, Maurice Bishop--the one he claimed to see with Oswald--was in fact David Atlee Phillips, a high-ranking CIA officer whose appearance and personal history matched up perfectly with Veciana's description of Bishop. History was made. Look for the upcoming DVD.

Above: Death Valley. That's me blocking out the scenery.

A New Perspective on the Kennedy Assassination
                                                                                                                                                                      The online book below is a greatly expanded and improved version of my PowerPoint presentation. I spent more than four years full time researching and writing it, and have continued adding to it for another six years. It is the synthesis of over 50,000 pages of government reports, sworn testimony, oral histories, medical texts, forensics journals, and newspaper articles, not to mention hundreds of hours of film footage. While I am not a doctor I believe I gained a familiarity with the material  comparable to that of anyone yet to write on the subject.

Here it is:
Chapters 1 and 1b summarize the events immediately following Kennedy's assassination, and demonstrate that  political pressure and a thoroughly bewildered media not only interfered with the investigation of his death, but grossly misled the public.  
Chapter 1b: Establishing the "Facts"
Chapters 2 and 2b explore the early investigations performed by both the FBI and Secret Service, and demonstrate their utter failure to establish as simple a matter as which shots hit the President, and where he was when hit.
Chapters 3-3c explore the investigation and conclusions of the Warren Commission, and demonstrate its failure to honestly present the evidence for its conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, killed President Kennedy.
Chapters 4-4f review the evidence for Oswald's guilt, and demonstrate that the original investigation by the Dallas Police Department is just as suspect. (Chapters 4e and 4f were pushed aside in 2009. I hope to get back to them in 2012.)
Chapter 4d: Casts of Contention
Chapters 5-9b present a comprehensive study of the eyewitness statements regarding the shooting of the President, and demonstrate, beyond any real doubt, that the single-assassin scenario currently in favor is a ridiculous fabrication.
Chapters 10-12c examine the various representations of the President's back wound, and how the repeated and ongoing misrepresentation of the location of this back wound is central to the single-assassin conclusion. 
Chapters 13-15 examine the evidence regarding the President's head wounds, and attempt to resolve a number of "mysteries" convenient to the single-assassin conclusion.  
Chapters 16-18d continue to examine the head wounds, and use the autopsy photos, Zapruder film, and x-rays to develop a new theory on the shooting of the president. 
Chapter 18c: Reason to Doubt
Chapter 18d: Reason to Believe
Chapters 19 and 20 discuss the roadblocks to progress in assassination "research" and explore some continuing mysteries.
Chapter 20: Conclusions and Confusions
Chapter 21 discusses my most recent thoughts on the assassination
Chapter 21: Rorschach Test

Here is a blog in which I track the media's response to the 50th anniversary of the assassination:
The Onslaught: the Media's Response to the 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination
The Onslaught, Part2

Sometimes I come across a government record or file that is largely unknown, or is only available on the catacomb-like NARA website. For the benefit of my fellow researchers, I store these here: Hard to Find Stuff
Here is a quick list reflecting my current thoughts on the assassination, that is, why I remain a "conspiracy theorist" even though I feel certain much of what has been proposed by the "research community" is nonsense: Fun With Lists: a Quick Look at the Evidence
Here is my review of JFK: The Smoking Gun: The Smoking Gun That Lied: a Review of JFK: The Smoking Gun
Here is my review of John McAdams' book JFK Assassination Logic: How To Think About Claims of Conspiracy: The Gospel According to John McAdams
Here is a blog in which I discussed Vincent Bugliosi's book Reclaiming History: Reclaiming History from Reclaiming History
Here is a page on the non-JFK assassination related aspects of my life:  Pictures, Poems and Songs
Here is a page in which I record strange coincidences: Pat Speer's Coincidence Blog 
On 12-04-08, I was a guest on Black Op Radio, an internet radio program hosted by Len Osanic. On 1-29-09, 2-19-09, 3-05-09, and 8-20-09, I made return appearances on Black Op Radio. These programs are archived on the website, and available to members.

In 2014, I was featured in two videos put out by Black Op Radio as part of its 50 Reasons for 50 Years series. Here they are: Black Op Episode #12, Black Op Episode #26

I was a guest on Black Op Radio once again on 2-05-15. This show can be accessed here: Pat on Black Op Radio. 2-05-15 I was invited back on 3-26-15. Pat on Black Op Radio 3-26-15

On November 15, 2014, I was a guest on the internet program Night Fright. This program was edited down to 1 hour and placed on youtube, here: Pat on Night Fright

The Mysterious Death of Number 35, Parts 1-4.

The four videos below serve as a brief introduction to my research, and demonstrate many of the points expressed in the online book above. These videos, directed by Braddon Mendelson, are designed for the general public, as well as those with a more pressing interest. 
For the convenience of those wanting to own these videos or to simply watch these videos on a larger screen, they have been packaged together as a DVD. This DVD is available for purchase on, here: Mysterious Death of Number 35 

This DVD has been reviewed by noted JFK researcher Jim DiEugenio, here: Jim DiEugenio's review of The Mysterious Death of Number 35
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