Feinman/CBS documents

1966 Documents Discussing the Format of CBS' Upcoming Special on the Warren Commission

1966/1967 Note Demonstrating The Friendly Relationship Between CBS News Chief Richard Salant, His Adminstrative Assistant Ellen McCloy, And Her Father, Former Warren Commissioner John J. McCloy

1966 and 1967 Memos On CBS' Upcoming Special Where Richard Salant Provides A Copy To His Administrative Assistant Ellen McCloy

1967 Document Found by Feinman in CBS' files Proving Warren Commissioner John McCloy Served As A Consultant On CBS' "Investigation" Of The Warren Commission

1977 Memos And Letters From Salant And McCloy In Which They Deny McCloy's Daughter Served As A Go-Between For Her Dad And That McCloy Served As A Consultant to CBS For Its "Investigation" Of The Warren Commission